Order Onco 4D Testing

Clinical Trial Information

Late-stage clinical trials validating the Onco 4D™ biodynamic chemotherapy selection assay for use in breast and bladder cancer patients are nearing completion. The Onco 4D™ assay is expected to be available to guide patient therapy selection for breast cancer patients by the end of 2018, and for bladder cancer patients by mid-2019. To receive information about participating in clinical trials, or ordering the Onco 4D™ assay once commercially available, please contact orders@anidyn.com.

Animated Dynamics, in cooperation with your physician, will be enrolling:

  • patients undergoing a primary or secondary breast biopsy.
  • patients undergoing a trans-urethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT) procedure.

If you consent, your physician will arrange to have a very small piece of biopsy tissue sent to the Animated Dynamics lab for testing. The results of our test will not affect your therapy—your doctor will decide your best treatment options based on current care standards. However, the results of our study may help doctors treat newly diagnosed patients in the future. 


Knowing in advance which chemotherapy drug(s) are likely to be effective would help guide the best therapy recommendation for a patient’s specific cancer.

Anticipated Benefits of the Onco 4D test

  • Improve the chances that your unique cancer will be impacted by the selected chemo drug.
  • Avoid side effects, wasted treatment cycles, and additional costs associated with ineffective chemotherapy.
  • Benefit from receiving the most effective chemotherapy at the earliest opportunity.

The patient’s test report shows therapy selection and response to chemo drugs…green is a preferred treatment; red is not recommended.