Order Onco 4D Testing




The Onco 4D™ test is currently validated for breast cancer patients considering neoadjuvant chemotherapy, specifically to determine whether they are likely to benefit (i.e. achieve significant tumor reduction) from the common AC-T therapy regimen.

Onco 4D™ testing requires a minimum of 40mg of fresh (unfixed) tumor biopsy tissue.  Typically, a single needle core is sufficient.  Results will be delivered to the ordering physician within 48 hours of specimen receipt.  To discuss ordering Onco 4D™ for your patient, and receive a specimen collection kit and test requisition forms, please contact orders@anidyn.com.

Clinical Trial Information

Additional therapy regimens and tumor types will be validated as data from late-stage clinical trials continue to accrue.  Validation of the TC and TCHP regimens for neoadjuvant treatment of breast cancer patients is expected during Q119, and GEMCIS and MVAC for bladder cancer patients during Q319.  To receive information about participating in ongoing clinical trials, please contact trials@anidyn.com.

Currently active trials are enrolling:

  • patients undergoing a primary or secondary breast biopsy.
  • patients undergoing a trans-urethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT) procedure.

If you consent, your physician will arrange to have a very small piece of biopsy tissue sent to the Animated Dynamics lab for testing. The results of our test will not affect your therapy—your doctor will decide your best treatment options based on current care standards. However, the results of our study may help doctors treat newly diagnosed patients in the future.